White Chocolate Bath Truffles, JOIK – Review

Let me start by telling you a little secret… I am not a chocolate fan. *Gasp* Oh the shock! Oh the horror! Take a deep breath and be assured that whilst I don’t really eat it, I do ADORE the smell. When I came across these delicious looking White Chocolate Bath Truffles by JOIK on a peruse of the Love Lula website, I just had to try them.
Cruelty-free, vegan, calorie, sugar and fat free plus 100% relaxing = Keep the chocolate bars and give me chocolate baths!

White Chocolate Bath Truffles, Joik
White Chocolate Bath Truffles, JOIK
These chunky bad boys have a surprisingly subtle scent. This is great if you’re not a fan of overpowering smells as it is doesn’t have that sickly sweet aroma that white chocolate is usually associated withe. 
These truffles are 100% natural, containing only sodium bicarbonate, the obroma cacao seed butter, citric acid, corn starch and rose petals. They do melt very, very slowly so towards the end of the bath I like to apply the squishy remains to my legs.
White Chocolate Bath Truffles, Joik
These truffles are extremely moisturising. Expect an oily bath that you will need to wipe down after so the next person doesn’t slip over. If you’re like me and don’t mind washing your hair in the bath, one word of advice: Don’t! 
The natural butters in the product will end up in your hair so it’s best to simply enjoy this bath for what it is, let it relax and nourish your body and wash your hair another time. Needless to say, there is absolutely no need to moisturise afterwards.
At £10 a pack you may think they are expensive but considering you get 6, this works out at less than £1.70 a pop. For a luxury, natural and ethical treat, this is a real bargain especially when we happily dish out £4+ for one Lush bath bomb.
With my order I received a Citrus Bath Truffle sample. As lovely as the white truffles are, the citrus ones are even better!! Due to the cacao seed butter, they smell amazingly like chocolate orange. Long term readers know that I LOVE anything chocolate orange.
Equally as nourishing as the white chocolate truffles, I will definitely be ordering these ones next.
Citrus Bath Truffle, Joik
Citrus Bath Truffle, JOIK
Have you tried any JOIK products before? What are your favourite chocolate scented products (besides actual chocolate)?
Helen x 

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