Top 5 Gifts from Small Businesses – Under £15

Top 5 Gifts from Small Businesses - Under £15
It’s that time of year again where our consumerism glands sparkle and we start to worry about what to buy our sisters friends brothers girlfriends hamster. Whilst I really dislike Christmas (I’m not even sorry), I do enjoy giving presents and seeing faces light up. 
I think it is really important more than ever to support our smaller independent businesses so here are my top 5 gifts this year. Not only will buying from these companies help individuals, they will also make your wallet happy.

Lego Brooch, Thomas Penny Creations
Lego Earrings, Thomas Penny Creations
These clever one-off pieces are created from Lego by an amazing Gloucestershire based artist. My 9 year old nephew has one of the brooches and I have a custom requested mismatch pirate coin and green Lego earring (£3). These unique pieces always raise interest and with prices starting at £3, you can’t go wrong. I think these make great gifts for all genders and ages. From grannies to hipsters, everyone loves a bit of Lego.
If you want a truly unique piece of art Thomas Penny Creations offers larger abstract canvas creations.
2. Ocushield – from £13.99
Phones and laptops are at the top of many wishlists this year and I think this is a very considerate stocking filler. Recent studies have highlighted the potential dangers of blue light emitted from our tech – from disturbing sleep to actually damaging our eyes! Blue light gives me headaches and I find the blue light apps make my screen orange. Ocushield sticks onto your device, filters out the blue light without turning the image orange and even protects it from cracks and scratches!

I could go on about how this is a great invention but I won’t bore you with the details, instead read for yourself here.

Livvy and Rose, Triangle Pendant Necklace
I am so glad to have found this beauty of an online shop. They stock so many cute pieces and the majority are all under £20 so fabulous for Christmas shopping. There’s a vast selection of scarves, jewellery, faux leather handbags and even a children’s section. 
My favourite item is this Triangle Pendant Necklace. This is on my personal wishlist alongside their Phillipa Green Scarf.
Lime Body Butter*, Fair Squared
4. Lime Body Butter*, Fair Squared – £8.95
Fair Squared is a lesser known brand that sell a range of organic, vegan and fair trade body care products.

I tried their Lime Body Butter, made with fair trade shea butter and olive oil. The deliciously rich cream absorbed well into my skin, leaving my skin soft and not at all greasy (unlike a certain high street body butter!) The fragrance is mouthwatering and zesty and lingered after application. I have also been trying their Green Tea Leg Balm so expect a full review soon.
They have recently released a £8.95 Christmas Gift Set, containing a vanilla shower gel, apricot shampoo, green tea body lotion and olive hand soap. I think this would be great to take on holiday to catch some winter sun.

Annie-Marie Rickus Art, Daddy and Me Print
Yes yes, I know this is over £15 by double BUT this artwork is just too beautiful not to include. I think this would be a fantastic gift to a new family, especially to new daddies. These prints are totally cute. I can imagine the Daddy and Me print having pride of place above a dads hectic work station.
Will you be supporting any small businesses this year? What amazing presents have you found for under £15?
Helen x 

*PR supplied Lime Body Butter. All opinions my own.

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