ASDA Meat Free Popcorn Chicken – Review

Recently ASDA extended their frozen meat-free section by adding vegan friendly popcorn chicken. I looove fake chicken so stocked up the last time I was there as they were on offer for a crazy £1.50 each. 
ASDA Meat Free Popcorn Chicken
ASDA Meat Free Popcorn Chicken
The only thing the concerned me was whether I could handle the spice. I struggled to eat a Quorn vegan spicy chicken burger recently. Far too hot! Luckily I did not find these spicy. This makes them great for cowardly adults like myself but also for children with mild taste buds. 
opcorn chicken is great finger food at parties or just for tucking into in front of the telly. I will be buying more for our Christmas Day buffet to go alongside my Linda McCartney cocktail sausages.
My partner adores the popcorn chicken so the bags never last long in this household.
ASDA Meat Free Popcorn Chicken

ASDA Meat Free Popcorn Chicken
The bags are very generous 250g containing 16ish pieces. They are perfect mouth-sized snacks. One bag could easily be served as a side dish for up to 3 people (or just one hungry person).
They are such a bargain. With ethical choices being so cheap, easy and delicious, there really is no reason to support the horrific chicken industry.
Have you tried these before? What are your favourite supermarket meat-free products?
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