Reducing Plastic with Face Cubes No.1, 34.4° – Review #1

Reducing use of plastic is in trend right now, and rightfully so. We’ve all seen the disgusting images of turtles with straws in their nostrils and seabirds tangled in beer hoops.
I’ve partnered with small business 34.4° to showcase a selection of their delightful cruelty-free products.
Face Cubes No.1, 34.4°*
Face Cubes No.1, 34.4°*
34.4° is a small, ethical business who donate 3.44% to the National Beekeepers Trust, and that’s before profit! Why the name? 33.4° is the optimum hive temperature for happy bees. 
Many of their products are vegan. There is even a vegan category in their site.
I’ve been trying out Face Cubes No.1. Like shampoo bars, these cubes require no extra packaging and are presented beautifully wrapped in paper.
They are unscented, made with olive and coconut oil and soya bean husk, making them suitable for sensitive skin.
Face Cubes No.1
I use these in the shower when my face is already wet. I gently roll a cube over my face, then gently rub in circles with my fingertips before washing off.
Despite the small size, they last ages. There are 2 cubes in a pack and I am still barely half way through the first cube, having used it roughly 3 to 4 times a week (don’t want to over exfoloate).
If you’re worried about storage or then crumbling away, I would suggest keeping them on a soapdish in a dry place such as your bedroom
Reducing my plastic use has become very important to me. I’ve been using a bamboo toothbrush for at least 6 months now so I’m gradually getting there.
Have you tried anything from 33.4°? What are your top tips to reduce plastic?
Helen x 

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