Thin, slow growing hair? I tried the Infrared Massage Hairbrush, CareCo – Review

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Addison’s disease in 2010. Whilst my medicine keeps these conditions under control, there are some symptoms that drugs cannot help. One symptom of hypothyroidism is hair loss. As my problems are hormonal, no hair growth vitamins or shampoos will help. However, as a massage therapist I understand that massage brings blood and therefore more nutrients to the local area.
Infrared Massage Hairbrush, Careco*
Infrared Massage Hairbrush. CareCo*
I had always had thin hair but pre-diagnosis, I could very gently stroke my hair and masses would fall out. Fortunately as soon as I was on the right medication, my hair stopped falling out so rapidly. However it remains thin and hair loss still happens.
Infrared warming
Infrared warming
I recently discovered CareCo, who offer a brilliant range of products to aid all kinds of people. I thought these kind of stores were just for those who needed mobility scooters, but I was so wrong! They do loads of cool little gadgets, so when I had the opportunity to try an Infrared Massage Hairbrush I jumped at the opportunity. I didn’t even know this kind of thing existed!
I have been using it at least once a day for about a month now. Like with most things, it is going to take a few months until I see any noticeable results. 
Infrared Hairbrush, CareCo
The actual brush is light and easy to hold and use. It also has two settings so you can have just the infrared light or the infrared light plus massage. The warmth from the infrared light and the gentle vibrating massage stimulate circulation and feels so good! We could all do with an extra bit of self-care regardless of whether we have any chronic conditions or not. I would highly recommend exploring the CareCo website as there are some really interesting products that can make your life a little easier. 
Do you have any special items to make your life easier? Have you tried an infrared or massage brush before?
Helen x 

*PR supplied product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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