Squashing Insomnia with Utmost Me + Giveaway!

Over the past month I have been trying out Utmost Me’s Neuro Rest sleep aid. A totally vegan and natural sleep remedy. Having tried several calming remedies in the past with none ever working, I was very sceptical. So did these work for me?
Sleep well with Utmost Me Neuro Rest*
Sleep well with Utmost Me Neuro Rest*

I have recently been going through a rough patch in life and struggled to sleep so I thought it was the perfect time to experiment. I followed the instructions of taking one capsule for the first 4 days half an hour before sleep then upping the dosage to two caps. 
Most supplements need to be taken for a few months for any benefits to be noticed and being cynical, I was not expecting anything. Half an hour after taking a capsule on the first night, I was out like a light, with totally uninterrupted sleep. I was so surprised but thought maybe it was mind over matter and just a placebo effect. I continued to take the capsules at bedtime and each and every time I had a good sleep. I really couldn’t believe it.
The thing I really like most about Utmost Me is that the ingredients are all natural. I would never take sleeping tablets as they are full of negative side-effects and can be addictive. Neuro Rest contains only natural, gluten-free ingredients and is 100% vegan as the capsule is plant based. Each capsule contains 5-HTP which increases serotonin in the brain, reducing anxiety and insomnia whilst making you feel good and calm.
I find it quite shocking that many supplements in 2018 aren’t vegan. Most capsules are made with gelatin even though plant based ones work just as well. Even innocent looking tablets can contain vitamin D derived from lanolin (oil from sheep wool), fish extracts and lactose to name a few. All of these are totally not needed.
I hope Utmost Me have plans to extend their range as I am amazed to find something that actually works for me. I really want to try their Neuro Focus Brain Plus as I think this will be really useful when I have to be up early for lectures.
If you are sceptical like me or just having difficulty with sleep, I have teamed up with Utmost Me to give one lucky winner 1 bottle of Neuro Rest (worth £24)

Utmost Me Neuro Rest Giveaway

What are your top tips for a good night’s sleep? Do you take any supplements that work?
Helen x 
* PR supplied product. All opinions 100% my own. 

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