Top 5 Ways to Greenly Heat Your Home – Emo Heating Oil

It may come as a surprise to learn that heating your home with heating oil is not as bad for the environment as you might think. Many people are still living in properties that aren’t connected to the gas grid, so unless they can afford the cost of installing a heat pump, their options are somewhat limited when it comes to heating their homes. However, there are many green ways in which to have a cosy home.

Heating your home with Emo Heating Oil*
Heating your home with Emo Heating Oil*

Heating can come from electricity, but where does electricity come from? By burning our limited supplies of fossil fuels. Coal fires are another option to warm your house, but not everyone has a fireplace or wood-burner. Then depending on how responsible the person is with what they burn, they can be very polluting and coal-burning isn’t even permitted in some areas.
If you’re one of the many households that’s not connected to the gas grid and you’re about to place your next order or change supplier, premium heating oil supplier might be the right switch for you.
Top five ways you can use heating oil in a greener way:
1. Make sure your supplier cares about the environment as much as you.
Your supplier shouldn’t be shy about showing off its green credentials, so look out for the signs. Ideally, it should use biodiesel in its delivery trucks and also encourage customers to schedule their deliveries so that the drivers aren’t clocking up too many miles. Check out the company’s environmental policies so that you know your custom is going to the right people.
2. Retain as much heat as you can.
You could be losing up to 60% of all your lovely heat through cracks in windows, doors and walls. You also lose lots though your roof and even the floor. Make the effort to insulate the loft, fill in any small cracks with a filler or foam and invest in double glazing or some thicker curtains.
3. Turn down the thermostat.
If you usually have your thermostat set at 22C, you can turn it down to 21C or even 20C without noticing it. This small drop over winter could save up to 10% of your oil! Fantastic news for both the environment and your wallet. Another easy move is to turn off the boiler 20 or so minutes before you go up to bed – the residual heat in the radiators will keep you toasty until you’re tucked up in bed.
Heating your home with Emo Heating Oil

4. Order your delivery alongside your neighbours.
If you arrange with your neighbours to get your deliveries within the same time slot or two, you could all save some carbon and some money! The driver will only have to make one journey and you’ll have lower delivery fees. Win win!
5. Think of ways you can rely less on your boiler.
There are more ways to heat up your home than you may think. On sunny days, open the curtains to let the sun warm the interior. If you are an avid baker (mmm vegan cookies yes please), do it with the heating off and let the oven do the job. Once those cookies are baked, leave the oven door open once you’ve switched it off just to let the heat spread.
How do you currently heat your home? What other aspects of your life make you consider the environment?
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