Bloggers need this bag. The Selfie Bag, Cotton Bag Co.

The Selfie Bag comes in two designs; a cute white bag with a colourful floral pattern or a stylish black bag with simplistic gold. I chose the black and gold. Besides being really pretty, it is also very well made. It is sturdy enough to hold quite a lot of weight, making it very multi-functional. From carrying your laptop, to filling it with your food shopping. But what makes it a “selfie” bag?

Lights, camera, action!

Inside the bag is a small zipped off section, as well as slots to hold your phone, camera and other photo gadgets. However, the thing I like most about this is the fold out reflector. The reflector helps you catch the best lighting for that perfect selfie!

Fold-out Reflector
Fold-out Reflector

I am not a huge selfie girl, but I do find the reflector very helpful when taking photos of things I want to either put on my blog or instagram pages. When I do more fashion posts, this bag will help me carry my bits and pieces as well as help me take the best picture possible.

Cotton Bag Co are a very ethical company, making me love them even more. The bags are created from eco-friendly materials and they are printed in Wiltshire. I am so impressed at the vast range of bags for sale, even making bags for other well known brands. They also pay a fair wage for all which is a vital thing I look for in 2020.

Will you be trying The Selfie Bag? What are your top tips for taking the perfect selfie?

Helen x

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